Darian Saraband x Beesting Red Skelton JW
dob 21:10:02
Hips 4:3 ~ PRA Normal ~ Gonioscopy Normal ~ BAER Hearing Normal
DNA status: CEA/CH Clear ~ CL Clear ~ TNS Clear ~ MDR1 clear
Black Tricolour, carrying Blue & Red (Chocolate)

9 year old Teddy's stunning head 9 year old Teddy's stunning head
9 year old Teddy's stunning head 9 year old Teddy's stunning head

9 year old Teddy's stunning head

I'd fully intended to keep a bitch from this mating, but Mother Nature had other plans for me. There were 3 black & white dogs, 1 black & white bitch & Teddy the Tricolour. Perhaps we should have called him "Darian Colour Coded" since I joked that from a blue to a red (chocolate) mating I should really be getting purple puppies!!

Back in 1985 I'd booked a tri dog from another breeder but a black & white boy in that litter had insisted I belonged to him, so home he came. It's been a long wait for my tri boy, but wouldn't you know it, he turned up not when I was ready but when he thought the time was right!

Teddy has been a delight from day 1 & we have a lot of fun together. He has matured into a wonderful dog with superb angulation & a stunning masculine head. He's an endearing character, always wanting to please. He's also the family clown........!

He has sired the most beautiful, strong, sound puppies, full of personality and with plenty of brains. You can see photos of some of Ted's gorgeous litters by clicking on this Teddytots link. Just close the window to return here.

Teddy is no longer at stud due to his age.
My requirements remain here merely as a useful reference for other potential stud owners.

Teddy is offered at stud (to approved bitches) as I am happy he has something valuable to offer the breed with regard to health standards, temperament, conformation and working ability.

If you wish to make a stud enquiry please be prepared to answer questions about your bitch, her breeding and health results, why you are considering Teddy and what you hope for in the resulting litter.

I am very particular about how my boy is used, as I believe that every stud dog owner should take responsibility both for their own breeding and the future of the Border Collie. If I genuinely think a combination is unsuitable I will refuse the match. None of my boys has ever been required to earn his keep in stud fees and I'm content to turn bitches away if I think it's the right thing to do. As a bitch owner you should be looking for the best possible combination in order to produce the best possible litter, so if I do have to turn you away, I expect you to accept my decision in the spirit in which it's made.

Teddy has a proven stud record and his stud fee is available on request. The fee is payable at the time of the first mating and the service allows for 2 matings (if required, the bitch owner's choice) recommended two days apart. Should no puppies result, a free repeat is offered at the bitch's next season. I am always happy to offer advice and support and indeed my interest in Teddy's offspring lasts throughout their lives.

My requirements:
All bitches must be of known pedigree, sound in type and temperament, in good health and under the age of five if this is their first litter.

All bitches must be hip scored, adult eye tested and gonioscopy tested clear and the supporting documentation for each test must be available. They must also be of known genetic CEA, CL and TNS status. I will always consider accepting a carrier bitch to my clear dog provided that the bitch owner agrees to either test and/or endorse the litter. Elbow scoring and BAER hearing testing is recommended but not essential.

Teddy on the move at 9 months

(above) Teddy on the move at 9 months, out of coat but with nothing to hide!

What's next Mum?

"What's next Mum?"
Teddy at 3.5 years

Teddy enjoying the snow

Teddy enjoying the snow, January 2010

Ready….Teddy….about to spring into action!

Ready….Teddy….about to spring into action!

10 years old, but there's no stopping Mr Muddy!

10 years old, but there's no stopping Mr Muddy!

Pedigree of Darian Darqfire

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Beesting Red Skelton JW Caristan Coming Storm Wizaland Loves Casanova Sh Ch Wizaland Newz Edition JW
Sh Ch & Ir Ch Image Of Love at Clan-Abby JW
Caristan Scarlet O'Hara Viber Red Fox at Beagold
Caristan Forever Amber
Beesting Cherry 231262 Sadghyl Pip Me To Come Bye CDex UDex 193219 Sadghyl Cairn 169884
Beck 165084
Bracken 211232 Ben 173787
Kate 192597
Darian Saraband Monkfield Matador Sh Ch Fieldbank Professional Shanvaal Glen 90794
Lady Fleck of Fieldbank
Firelynx Mocha of Monkfield Aust Ch Firelynx Navajho Storm
Ragelse Theodora
Darian Silver Flute Wizaland Newz Blewz NZ Ch & Sh Ch Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
Wizaland Newz Spectacular
Darian Sundown 171311 Sh Ch Wizaland McIntosh 148820
Rainbowzend at Wizaland in Darian 133798

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